About the Product

Workforce tracking solution is a service that helps you track whereabouts of your field force, anytime and anywhere. It has the in-built intelligence to not only track but manage routes and distribute workloads.

Business Advantages

✔ Real-time tracking of workforce helps increase accountability and productivity

✔ Secured and user-friendly web/ mobile interface helps access information easily

✔ Movement history of workforce helps assess what works better

✔ Route tracking and route replay features help manage workforce better


✦ Alerts and analytics through a secured portal

✦ GPS + cell tower based tracking when on our network

✦ Tracking frequency of 5-15 minutes

✦ Route tracking, route replay, creating zones using way points and work assignments on-the-fly

Why our Workforce Tracking services?

✧ We have proven technology with successful deployments and happy customers across India

✧ We give you pan-India coverage for this service

✧ With us, you get service choice on GSM and CDMA network