About the Product

Voice solutions offer tested and reliable interfaces to carry voice and data transmissions in a cost effective manner. It helps optimize your business communication requirements with a scalable and resilient network that is both secure and technology proven. W ide range of solutions varying from traditional TDM technologies to IP, wireline to wireless and inbound to outbound are all offered under the gamut of voice solutions.

Business Advantage

✔ Digital transmission of voice for better quality and higher speed

✔ Benefits of wireline with the convenience of wireless connectivity

✔ Enterprise friendly billing system for transparency and accuracy

✔ Ease and convenience of getting voice and data on a single reliable network

✔ Solutions designed keeping in mind the scalability requirements of businesses

✔ Freedom from technology obsolescence at no additional cost

Why our Voice services?

➢ W e offer innovative solutions like SIP Trunk (scalable on single link) and EVDO W alky (features of calling and surfing)

➢ You get access to future ready, IP network based features to help improve productivity and mobility

➢ W e give you cost efficiency with pay-per- use models

Product Features


✧ Wide range of rental plans available

✧ Rev A features supported with tabletop device and wireless connectivity

✧ Up to 5 additional devices supported on EVDO W alky

✧ Data download speeds of up to 3.2 Mbps


✧ Scalable with multiples of 30 channels

✧ Supports video conferencing solutions

✧ Value added services available such as like extension wise billing and similar pilot number across offices

✧ Terminates on a PRI card in PBX devices

SIP Trunk

✧ Scalable on a single link with 20 to 1500simultaneous calls with no dependency on physical cards

✧ Service delivered through Class 5 NGN switches

✧ Flexible DID range to meet requirements


✥ Multiple office connectivity on private numbering scheme with free calling advantage

✧ Multi-party conference and a host of other value added services like call hold, call line identification, call forwarding etc.

✧ Dynamic locking and authentication code to prevent unauthorized use

Wireless EPABX

✧ Complete feature set of a PBX on a wireless last mile

✧ Low set-up time and easy to re-deploy

✧ Value added services like built-in CRM to enable maintenance of call records and computer-telephony integration

✧ Automatic routing of pre-defined incoming numbers to designated extensions