About the Product

A Toll service is a number or a set of numbers, which callers may reach by dialing in, either for free or at a nominal cost. Currently our services are offered in two variants -
✔ Call-Free
✔ Call-Local

Business Advantage

✔ Instant access to customers from across locations

✔ Flexible subscription options from any post paid wireless or wireline service

✔ Real-time call routing options through user-friendly interactive web interface

Why our Toll services ?

➢ We have pan-India coverage

➢ We provide 24x7 monitoring by our Network Operating centre

➢ Our state-of-the-art digital network allows quick and easy rerouting during emergencies

Product Features

Geography-based/ Point of call routing

✧ Gives real time customized call treatment

✧ Does immediate cascading of objectives

Time-based routing

✧ Manages time and day distribution accurately

✧ Optimizes call centre and manpower costs

Proportional call distribution

✧ Balances call load at various locations

✧ Optimizes call centre and manpower costs

Condition-based routing

✥ Caller never hears a busy signal

✧ No calls are missed

✧ Customer serviced all 365 days

PIN-based routing

✧ Gives customized treatment to each caller

✧ Screens all incoming calls

✧ Optimizes call centre and manpower costs