About the Product

L2 Multicast solution is the first of its kind video connect solution in India. Video content transmission is done through a network link that establishes a tree, connecting your source with multiple receivers. The solution copies data from the source and simultaneously broadcasts it through single stream data transmission for multiple end points, resulting in broadcasting efficiency and bandwidth gains.

Business Advantages the Product

✔ Secure, accurate data transmission through our extensive network across geographies

✔ Optimized bandwidth usage through multicast technology, thereby controlling costs

✔ Localized video content addition at any of the drops and further distribution

✔ Digital simulcast of live TV with multicasting to thousands of subscribers simultaneously

Why our L2MC services?

❖ We offer India’s first video connect solution to simulcast content to thousands of subscribers

❖ We provision the addition of localized content for specific geographies and distribute it further

❖ Our user-friendly web based interface enables instant access to online reports