About the Product

HIVR solution provides a hosted platform that significantly reduces turnaround time required to set up the customer experience business process since the necessary infrastructure is available and ready to use.

Business Advantage

✔ Low total cost of ownership

✔ Significant savings due to no investment in IT management with the use of centralized hosting and transfer of calls over internet

✔ Real-time monitoring and analysis of call traffic


✥ Integrate calls with external Text to Speech (TTS) or Automatic Speech Recognition engines such as Nuance

✥ Easy integration with existing back-end systems of companies including CRM, database applications and web-based APIs

✥ Hosted self help process that integrates with your email and query systems

Why our HIVR services?

✤ We offer ready to use IT Infrastructure for hosting and handling calls for faster deployment

✤ Our solution requires low investment to set up and maintain the solution

✤ We give you easy integration with existing systems and processes

✤ Our solution is customizable as per your business requirements