About the Product

CRS solution helps you get instant feedback on your toll-free number by capturing caller information and accessing it on a real time basis through a user-friendly web interface. This helps your customers stay well informed while you gather real-time insights on your business performance.

Business Advantages

✔ No cost of associated infrastructure as it is a completely hosted model

✔ Robust, scalable solution with limited annual maintenance cost

✔ Used for a variety of business requirements like brand surveys, lead-generation, tele-voting, polls and customer feedback.


✥ Integrate with SMS gateway and customer databases as per campaign requirement

✥ Pay-per-use option with easy to use web platform

✥ Real-time capture of caller information and reporting to business.

Why our CRS services?

✤ Proven technology with successful deployments and happy customers across India

✤ Continuous technology update ensuring no fear of technology obsolescence.