About the Product

Automated Meter Reading solution can be used remotely to get real-time meter reading and tamper alerts in case of any unwanted occurrences. The real-time feature helps customers manage their energy consumption better. Our solution provides the scalability, convenience, security and control necessary, while reducing costs.

Business Advantage

✔ Hosted model provides the flexibility to the consumer to scale up gradually as installations increase

✔ Instantaneous data along withntamper alerts provides the security and control needed for remote handling of meters


✠ Compatible with all makes of meters including Secure, L&T and Elster meters among others

✠ Designed to transmit meter data up to 200,000 modems in 4-5 hours

✠ Remote disconnection of meter in case of over consumption

✠ SMS and email notification on overdraw of power or crossing of credit limit

Why our AMR services?

✥ We offer a self-service portal to managed connectivity provided in the solution

✥ We provide a one-stop solution taking care of all your requirements from installation to servicing

✥ We have proven technology with successful deployments and happy customers across India