About the Product

Asset tracking services help you get real time location information of your valuable business assets, on and off-site consignments. It is ideal for consigner, consignee and third party logistics service providers who want to benefit from real-time update of their cargo in transit.

Business Advantage

✔ Quick and seamless deployment to get you started at the earliest

✔ Real-time tracking of assets to minimize losses and offer good customer service

✔ Access to information through a secured and user-friendly web/ mobile interface


❖ Sleek plug-n-play device that can be placed in the container/ vehicle

❖ Battery that lasts for up to 3-4 days

❖ Geo-fencing of assets

❖ Motion sensors to provide movement alerts

❖ Alerts and analytics through a secured portal

Why our Asset Tracking services?

✤ We have proven technology with successful deployments and happy customers across India

✤ We give you pan-India coverage for this service

✤ With us, you get a comprehensive suite including connectivity, device and platform